Fashion Designer Syed Shahid Nisar

Syed Shahid Nisar, is a fashion designer whose collection was presented in London Fashion Week together with Kingston Fashion University, Syed Nisar has presented a great collection which reflects his origin, and reflect also his strong personality as a designer, personally I found this collection really interesting, really avant-garde and really strong.

Syed Nisar, as a designer has a strong background and experience, he works for Alexander Mc Queen where he gains  knowledge of different fabric manipulation techniques, embroideries, draping on stand, fabric qualities and creative pattern cutting.

What was your inspiration for your collection?

My collection is based on the shrouds of the people who gave their lives in the name of religion. Embroidered is the sacred text which has been used out of context to radicalize people.

To which woman is this collection made?

My woman is, strong, well educated who is not scared of anybody. She has power and individuality.

What defines you as a designer?

I don’t like labeling myself as just a Designer; I am an artist first. I like to create things, beautiful things, things that can provoke a reaction, so, for me, the only word designer does not sum it all up.

To which woman you design?

As I said earlier, the woman I design for has the power of knowledge and is bold and has an opinion. She is the strongest person.


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