MTA Bags Collection

Maria Teresa Aristeguieta, the Venezuelan fashion designer, presents us her last collection Le Harem, a collection full of color, with the exact size for any type of woman, but behind this handbag exist an amazing designer…


After obtaining the 2013 annual Handbag Independent Awards, sponsored by InStyle Magazine and Bloomingdale’s, the designer immersed herself into the clutch creation. She connects with fall/winter 2014-2015 by exploring the two almost opposite sides of the season.

A subtle geometry lesson takes place in many of the pieces, evoking infinity, refinement, and luxury.

FRIVOLE redefines women´s power, naming each piece with sensual French words:

Passionnée, Sensuelle, Ma belle, Excentrique, Affolée, Magnifique, Citronnelle, Cynique, Capricieux, Ma beauté, Acidulée, Magnifique, Malicieuse, Amoral, Bois des roses.

The designer special devotion to wood and silver has led to this experimental collection of unique clutches and handbags. Different shapes forge symbols related to the origin of life.

Designed and handcrafted in Venezuela, the collection was created with a variety of woods and carving wonders made by native artisans who live in the Amazon forest, far away from the madding crowd.

A very large percentage of profits coming from the sale of these pieces goes to improving artisan’s life, thanks to the brand’s high sense of Social Responsibility.

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