Austrian Fashion Designer Gina Drewes

Gina Drewes is an Austrian fashion designer based in Vienna, and she is both – couture and progressive prêt-à-porter and she defines both through exclusivity – in material as well as aesthetic terms. There are a true sensuality and elegance in her designs and a real love of the feminine form. For her, fashion is a dynamic process. For that reason, she often works with other designers, artists, and media. It is very important for her to get different views on fashion to find her own interpretation.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

I grew up with a very fashionable mum and many Italian Vogues. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by tailoring and fabrics, so my future profession was pretty clear.

What’s it like being in the Fashion industry?

To be honest, it is hard work and when I left fashion school, I was unaware that as a fashion designer it’s not just about drawing and creating. That is the easy part. You need to think like a business person, you need to do 5 jobs in one, especially when you’re starting your business alone. If you don’t have a financial background it is even harder. I have two labels, and now I start a third project and I constantly think about how to grow a business, selling and so on. But of course, the best motivation for all the work is creating, seeing my clothes in magazines and making customers happy.

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What do you like about your work?

I love to work with unusual materials and exceptional forms for Monkey on my shoulder. With this label, I am totally free of any expectations and it is always fun to start with new collections. But also I love to create ready-to-wear collections with my label „Gina Drewes“. I have to think of the women I design for and their demands, which is a good challenge. And I love to buy beautiful fabrics.

What inspires you at the moment you create a dress?

I find my inspirations in many different things and surroundings, movies, nature, a song, the fabric or the person who would wear the dress.

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Tell us about your last collection

„Wanderlust“ is ready to wear collection for Spring/Summer 2017 and is made for women, who like to dress cool but elegant and are not afraid of fancy patterns. The styles are for daily life, business as well as going out at night. The cuts are straight, casual, but also chic and elegant. Colors are curry, ice-blue, buttermilk and black with a golden change effect. The patterns remind of India, Marocco, Iceland,.. a world trip. The collection contains dresses, tuxedo-like suits, casual jackets and summer coats, which fit perfectly to good jeans and a t-shirt.

What was your inspiration?

„Wanderlust“ is all about the departure, traveling, exploring different cultures, tasting the different air. After a 5 year break, creating this collection was also a departure for me personally, a new beginning, traveling again – let’s see where it will lead me.

Which is your favorite material to work with?

No special material, but I do love experimenting with unusual materials, for example, hair. And also fancy patterns and high-quality materials attract me.

If you want to know more about her work, please visit: Gina Drewes



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