Freedom Collection

On this occasion, the Venezuelan company Louva Clothing design brings her new Freedom Collection, which combines simple cuts and designs with fresh colors to dress a woman who is characterized by being independent.

The objective of this collection

What is the objective of this new collection is to give the opportunity to all Louvagirls, to have an outfit that allows them to freely and easily combine colors, textures, and pieces, which very well could be used together or separately. Freedom gives you solid color Pants, Shorts striped, with flowers or solid colors and plain blouses.

The name Freedom born because women’s clothes is a sign of freedom, today being a woman means independence, security, intelligence, simplicity, practicality, and this collection women can find all these aspects in the room: free combine them, be dressed up perfectly, as solid colors, simplicity and planes are used because it combines practicality with everything, and intelligence because they are versatile pieces that can be worn for any occasion.


We recall that Louva Clothing was launched in July 2013 and recently celebrated their 1st anniversary with the launch of this collection where players were recognized Ly Jonaitis and Andrea Matthies accompanied by Victoria Herrera, who was responsible for giving the model’s image this collection and July 12 made the photoshoot in the VIP Caracas hotel with photographer Jesús Soto.

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