Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding season is here that means that we are going to need the perfect wedding dress. With the nice weather in Vienna, a lot of you are looking for the perfect wedding dress, bridesmaid or even a nice dress for the occasion. Well, let me tell you something you can find the perfect dress on a budget.

Nowadays, we have a lot of options out there, and whether it is a big wedding or a small wedding, we always want to look perfect.

Although my wedding was small, I wanted to look beautiful, and I was lucky enough to have a nice Italian designer on my side, which made my dress and let me tell you, my dress was perfect. After 10 years together for me, the most important thing was to get married just for us, and we got married it with my 2 closes friends, to be honest, we didn’t want to share that moment with anybody but just with ourselves, and I am really happy we did it in this way… But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a big wedding. Therefore we are very excited for the weddings of 2018.

While I didn’t want to have a big wedding, for some of you who are in the middle of the process and are organizing the big day, you can find the beautiful dress on a great price.

If you are not the bride, and you are still looking for that beautiful summer dress for your friend’s wedding, or you are the maid of honor, there is always great option that not necessary has to be expensive, just because a dress doesn’t cost a fortune doesn’t mean that it cannot be beautiful.

I picked some of my favourite wedding dresses on a budget and also some beautiful dresses for those who are not the bride but maybe the maid of honour, a bridesmaid or a guest. So if you are looking for a great option stay tune, and let me know which is your favourite from this list!

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