Princess Diana, The Queen of Hearts

Princess Diana, a true lady of substance, an insatiable quest for life and a supporter of those who had disadvantaged lives: we all have our own memories of her, whether through the media or personal. There are certainly very few individuals who could create such a frenzy of excitement when she made an appearance.

My first encounter with her was in my early days in London, fully clad in uniform with a fleet of waiters, cut glass crystal champagne flutes on a tray, standing to attention. As her car arrived, the surge of excitable high society, VIPS, and media moved forward. Utter horror followed; my tray went airborne, priceless flutes crashing to the ground. I froze, yet the professionalism of my best friend Rory had a replacement in my hand quicker than a P45 could have got there!

Princess Diana was legendary as a philanthropist and she gave up endless hours of her time visiting patients, many of whose lives were terminal. She knew her appearance would highlight the cause she supported and reach all corners of the globe. Her passion as a mother was unsurpassed: she took her sons to witness many of the charities with which she was so involved and it was her ability to share a magical moment with a patient that her sons have also inherited. In such cases, she broke the taboos such as holding the hand of a leper or Aids patient and she was well known for supporting landmine victims.

With a colorful life came the excitement of her outfits. Couturiers such as Bruce Oldfield added to her allure. Her svelte, feminine figure, blond chic bob, and crystal blue eyes enchanted all around her. Her physical presence had an unrivaled wow factor.

Her legacy lives on, her life still as intriguing as when she was alive. The Diana Foundation was set up and gives testament to the lady known as “The Queen of Hearts”.

For more information about the Princess Diana Foundation please visit: The Diana, Princess of Wales

Louis Mariette

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