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Today I bring you guys and Free Content Calendar Template, to take your social media channel to the next level. Nowadays a content editorial calendar is the most helpful tool you could have to plan your monthly content. But for what exactly do I need a content Calendar? To help you plan and schedule your Social Media Content in advance.

92% of marketing specialist uses social media channels to deliver their content. But today even for a marketing specialist is hard to stand out in their customer’s Feeds.

Consequently, it is necessary to organize the social media content post, and the best way to do it is through a Content Calendar.

It is also necessary to keep the important celebration dates, and with a content calendar, it will be easy to plan ahead all these social media holidays content.

The idea is to engage with your followers, especially on important dates, and take every opportunity to elevate your message.

Content Creation Tips and Tricks


Be consistent

The best way to increase your Instagram followers is by posting constantly. The point here is to deliver content to your followers and engage them through your content. Therefore your content has to be up to date. Consistent posting will let your followers know what they can expect on which day of the week, like this you will be able to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with your followers.

The social media Content Calendar will help you to achieve this consistency around your social media channels, by planning and schedule your content ahead.

Define your content Mix

For you to be able to engage with your followers/customers, you have to mix things up! How can you mix things up? Well By adding editorial and curate articles, photos, videos and news about your company. Also, it is important to mention that the interaction between your followers is very important.

How can you mix your content? The 80/20 rule is a good way to start. The best way to divide your content would be 80% of interesting content, and 20% of content about your products and special sales.

Therefore, by planning your content ahead, you will have a better way to balance your content.

Define your content across your social media platforms

All social media platforms are different, consequently, you cannot share the same exact post on multiple networks. You have to adapt your content for each individual network. A Social Media content calendar gives you the opportunity to write and adapt your content to each individual channel.

Do not repeat your content

Another way to keep up with fresh content is by looking back on your content calendar while planning the new content to avoid repeating yourself.

Determinate your regularity

As I said before, the best way to engage with your followers/customers is by being consistent, and that means not just by the message, but also by how often you publish content. Define the days and the time when you want to post and keep your customers up to date.

By setting up categories of your content, you can determine which content gets the most engagement, like this you will be able to track what sort of content your followers want.

Now that you know how important is to have a Content Calendar, here I created a Content Calendar which is easy to manage and it will make your life easy.

Download your free version, to keep your content up to date!

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