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My favorite shop in Austria Rituals presents the new SS19 Soulwear collection that takes you into the seductive and at the same time elegant Asia. Narrating stories from the Far East, every garment is casually chic, silky soft and makes the wearer feel like in a Far East fairy tale. The collection features bright spring colors, hand-drawn designs, and colorful prints. The Asian symbols tempt you to relax and find inner peace. The high-quality soul wear is light, breathable and feels like a second skin. It offers maximum comfort and style when relaxing at home, while doing yoga or while sleeping.


With the new seamless yoga clothing and a range of innovative accessories, Rituals has everything you need for an extensive yoga session: freedom of movement, comfort, and style. The new seamless cotton yoga clothes fit perfectly to the body and provide the best support exactly where it’s most needed – for carefree, flowing movements.

With the Missu yoga leggings by Rituals, there is something in your wardrobe – for elegance in every pose. With the stylish prints inspired by Japanese flowers and peacocks, the multicolored leggings in every yoga class are an absolute eye-catcher. It can be perfectly combined with the Zixu Yoga Top in the colors Mauve or Antra Melange and with the Li Top for a sporty and luxurious look.


Comfortable and at the same time elegant – the velvety-soft fabrics of the Sleep-Wear cling gently to the skin and ensure a restful night, in order to be able to start the new day in the morning. Relaxed sleep and sweet dreams are guaranteed with this collection because it has been specially designed to give body, soul and mind new power.

The Goji Kimono is a highlight of the new collection this season. With the colorful floral pattern, this kimono takes on a spring trip to Japan. The kimono reaches to the ankles and enchants with its flattering short sleeves and waistband – for stylish relaxation. Made from velvety soft viscose, the kimono, along with the matching Gola nightshirt, gives a luxurious yet comfortable look. This is perfectly rounded with the matching Padauk eye mask.


Made from the softest materials, the new Home collection envelops the skin in a unique way – for the perfect start to the after-work or well-deserved weekend. The Gora Cardigan is a brand new style of home clothing. The cardigan becomes a stylish piece of clothing for the home thanks to color-coordinated details and imprints inspired by Japanese cranes. For a perfect look, combine the Gora Cardigan with the matching Nanga Pants. On the pants are a Japanese crane and cream and dark purple flowers displayed, which stylishly rounded the Gora Cardigan. Together with the Gora Cardigan creates a light yet luxurious outfit for a stylish relaxing home.

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