Churros Calientes

I remember when I was a child I use to wait for my father to come home as quickly as possible, because he always came back home with a paperback of churros…, for me, churros have a special place in my heart, I have always been a big fan of this fantastic dessert. But a good bag of churros is not easy to find, because it has to have some qualities, it has to be extra crunchier in the outside and super soft on the inside, and if to that consistency you add some topping you can be literally in heaven.

Unfortunately, since I live in Europe the close I had been to a churro outside my apartment, was in Italy when I try an ice cream that apparently tastes 100% to churros.

But thanks to my friend Sandro Finoglio, for those of you who live in L.A the answer to your prayers had brought the idea of Churros Calientes, a cute little coffee in West L.A, for completely organic churros and hot chocolate. If you are in L.A and want to try this delicious dessert, this is the right place to go and never leave. Here you will find fried churros with cups of thick, intensely cocoa-flavored hot chocolate.

Like true Spanish churros, you can order them with chocolate, or you can order stuffed churros too, the stuffed churros are the size of a carrot, and they are filled with house-made guava or strawberry puree or with dulce de leche or chocolate sauce. My favorite stuffed churros with cream cheese and topped with guava sauce… (a really Venezuelan treat)

In Churros Calientes you can also find fresh mango juice and the Venezuelan favorite called ”tres en uno’’ which is made from beet, orange and carrot juices and also one of my favorites.

But churros is not the only thing you can eat in Churros Calientes…, you can also have delicious soups and salads, or a rustic puree of butternut squash holds squash chunks, potato and tiny bits of Swiss chard set off with hot red pepper. A bocadillo of tortilla Española, crispy, eggy with a touch of onion, replicates the Spanish classic. And mushrooms in a port wine reduction over a good piece of filet mignon fill a Panino or come plated with salad.

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