Sandro Finoglio Mister World

His life took an unexpected encounter when he met Osmel Sousa (the guru of misses), as he  convinced him to represent Venezuela at the Mister World 1998, which he won, and opened the door to not only the world of fashion but, also the world of acting.

Fashion shows such as Versace, Giovanni Scutaro, Armani, Ferre Gianfraco and Dolce and Gabbana are in his list of modelling…

Sandro Finoglio however, not just model and acted for Venezuelan novels, but acted also for novels by Univision in the United States and Mexico.

I personally had the opportunity to meet him and when Sandro already lived in the United States and came to visit Caracas, and since I was working in the middle of modelling we got to see each other a lot then, and gave the opportunity to get to know an extremely humble, sympathetic person with the feet on the ground, every time he came to visit and spent a season in Venezuela you can found him always serving tables at that old Italian restaurant which opened in 1956, is that Hugh Jackman would say to his wife because I have taked out the trash if I’m the sexiest man according to the magazine people?  as this man who officially won the world 1998 mister, don’t worry about his  success, but always returns home, to his parents and to their restaurant.

And the history of the restaurant would haunt much more as he  opens his own restaurant in the City of Angels… Churros Calientes; with organic flour and his own recipe, offers a variety of Churros with hot chocolate accompanied coffees Italo-Venezuelan style.

And we cannot deny that Sandro has taken advantage of the opportunities it has given his life to move more every day!



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