Fashion Instablogger Corina Sangines

My name is Corina and I am a Latin, Miami based, instablogger and fashion enthusiast. Clothing and style are the best forms of expression for me.

But, what happens when you are about to dress up and don’t know what to wear? Can you relate? Surprisingly, that can happen a lot. The truth is, it’s very tricky to repeat a piece of clothing, even more, if it stands out (like a green blazer) and have it look different each time.

That’s the reason I sat down in front of my closet for hours, thinking and examining all the dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and accessories that I owned, and I have discovered that the only thing we need to add to our outfits is creativity. Fashion is like art and we are the canvas (I love that analogy), we can get inspiration to make a masterpiece literally from everything, everywhere: our mood, our surroundings, where we are going, the weather, our favorite season or music genre, our role models… All those things will definitely define your style and little by little it will be easier to put an outfit together for any occasion, Because of that I decided to create a monthly Instagram initiative with a hashtag called #3x1deCorina, which consists of creating three outfits that have a single piece in common.

One piece of clothing, Three outfits. Can you believe it?

For example: Let’s style a long shirt

For the first outfit, I made a knot in the front of the shirt and paired it with classic blue jeans to make it a casual, day-to-day look. You can wear sandals or sneakers with this and it will look ideal.

What about converting a piece of clothing into another? Of course, you can do that! So this time I wore the long shirt as a dress. Summer is here and this option is the best to look cute and keep it cool.

Last but not least, if you want to feel comfortable and look amazing, shorts are a must. Tuck your long shirt in the front and you’re all set. I go with this look at daytime events like a picnic or a BBQ.

Play with your wardrobe! From statement pieces to classic ones, everything is allowed. They can be transformed into something spectacular and very unique. So, what I’m looking for with this initiative, apart from connecting with my followers, it is to make a cool space where they can find inspiration to create their own styles and recommend them versatile pieces that can make an even more versatile closet.

Instagram: @corisangines


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