Austrian Goulash

Goulash is a typical dish here in Austria. Austrian cuisine has many influences from Italy, Germany, Hungary, Bohemian, and the Balkans. But the most significant influence is, of course, the Hungarian because for so many years Austria used to be the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Growing up in Venezuela, with a super Austrian aunt, Sundays where goulash Sunday at her place, the funny thing is that we used to cook together all the time, and we prepare together the famous Apple strudel, the great Christmas cookies and of course my beloved apple pie. But we never cooked Goulash or Sacher Cake, and I guess now is too late for me to ask her these 2 delicious recipes.

For a couple of days, I was at my friend house Angelika, and she was preparing Goulash, and without losing any time I just jump into the kitchen to steal all the secrets of this amazing dish, so today we are going to show you, how to prepare the perfect Goulash!



1 kilo of shin of beef (or chuck steak if unavailable)
1-kilo onions fine cut
3 Tbsp. of sweet paprika powder
2 tbsp. of tomato concentrate
1 tsp salt
Skin of lime


Cut the beef into large chunks and set aside, cut the onions put them in a pan with butter and fried them for 1 min, add the paprika, and fried for 2 min more.
Add the beef and add salt (this step is really important) add the skin of the lime and cover and let it cook for over 2 hours in medium temp.

Thanks to the salt, the beef will release their on juice, and you will not need to add water at all, it is important you cooked longer in medium temperature, stirring time to time.

Cook it till the onions disappear, and the beef is soft, and that’s it!

The best way to accompany this delicious dish is of course with Spaetzel, a kind of soft egg noodle found in the cuisines of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary… But gnocchi is also fine.

They are really easy to do and if you have any doubts on how to cook them there are many videos on YouTube.

Spaetzle Recipe

500-gr flour
6 eggs
2 Tbsp. melted butter.


Mix all the ingredients, till you have a sticky soft dough. Cook them in a large pot of saltwater, and you can add them one by one with a little spoon, or by using a Spaetzel-panel. Cook them till they come up and float on the surface.



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