Sweet Strawberry Dumplings

Todays dessert recipe is one of my favorite sweet Strawberry Dumplings, not to mention the recipe came from my dearest friend Kerstin who is absolutely a terrific cooker! Kerstin and I, are friends for almost 8 years, and over the years of practice, probably I am making strawberries dumplings as good as she. Sundays are my favorite day of the week; for us is the day where we get creative and we cook and cook. Although we try to eat healthy during the week, Sundays mean to us our cheat day. C and I love to cook together, and get more creative and we always try new recipes. This Sunday we decide to prepare again strawberry dumplings, although you can fill them with chocolate (if it comes as little ball) peaches and any other fruit you like.

Of course, you can find in Austria strawberry dumplings frozen at the supermarket, but it doesn’t taste the same as when you prepare it for yourself, and they are so easy to do, sometimes I make the double of the dough and I just froze them myself, if we have guests at home is an easy way to be prepared for this golden dumpling!



250 gr of white cheese
70 gr of flour
70 gr of griess (semolina)
1 egg
A little bit of salt
70 gr butter



Mix all the ingredients together and leave it for 40 min in the fridge, then you expand little pieces on the palm of your hand, put a piece of strawberry inside and close it and giving the form of a ball, if the Doug is too soft use a little bit more flour, and more important it should be really close.
Boil the balls till then float aside warm a bit of butter with sugar, breadcrumbs and cinnamon in a pan, add the dumplings when they are ready and be sure the dumpling is covered with the mix of sugar-breadcrumb-cinnamon.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!




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