Couscous Salad

Couscous is originally from Africa, and is the national dish of the countries of Maghrib, that is Algeria, Morocco and Tunisian. this dish spread from this area, where it originated, to Libya, Mauritiana, Egypt, and sub-Saharan countries.

This dish is one of the most versatile dish that I know, you can mixed with vegetables, legumes, meat, or fish, or it can be eaten with butter or fresh fruit.


There are three main types: Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese:



tiny grains of semolina are about three times the size of a grain of cornmeal. This type cooks very quickly.



these semolina pellets are about the size of peppercorns and will take much longer to cook. This type is usually steamed in the traditional long-cooking method or stirred as one would rice in a risotto.



Larger than Israeli couscous, the starchy pellets are about the size of small peas.

One cup  contains 200 calories, 12% of which is accounted for by protein, 87% is from starch, and only 1% fats.

When I was studying fashion at the university in Caracas, one of my dearest friend, was from Morocco, and for her birthday, the family of her husband, prepare a typical Moroccan fest.

They prepare it with carrots, raisins, cabbages and lamm in the center, and to be honest I will never forget the flavors of Morocco right in the middle of my hometown.

So today I bring you guys a simple cold couscous salad, that I love to eat specially in summer, when the temperatures here in Vienna are really high.



1 cup of couscous

3 tomatoes

2 radish

½ red onion

1 avocado

2 dry tomatoes



Put the cup of couscous in a pan and cover it with boiling water, add a piece of butter and cover (without cooking it). Cut all the veggies, and when the couscous is ready (take 5 min) mix all add a spoon of olive oil, salt, a bit of coriander and voilà!




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