Runway Fashion Event

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to organize the backstage of Runway fashion event In Kattus. Kattus is one of the most famous wineries in Vienna and together with Runway Vienna, they prepare and wonderful evenings for special guests.

3 Austrian designers and 1 designer from Berlin were the protagonists of the evening, the makeup was lead by Cristina Akbaba, and the models were from Stella Models.

The evening was designed for the fashion lovers in the enchanting location of Kattus in the 19 districts of Vienna; 4 fashion shows of designers Segeolene de Witt, Studio Gampe Berlin, Maurizio Giambra, and Elisa Malec & Adeline Germain.


The Runway, start with the fashion of Segeolene de Witt. The French designer founded her own label in 2014 in Vienna. Her first collection ” Fleur Parisienne ” is not only a tribute to femininity but also advances the body back into the spotlight. This Collection name is Sculpture des corps.

Studio Gampe Berlin

This amazing duo was in charge of the second Fashion show; they dazzled the audience with a show full of creativity, in neutral colors and geometric shapes.

Maurizio Giambra

The Italian designer brought back the romanticism to the runway, with beautiful feminine dresses; his collection was full of color with amazing shapes.

Elisa Malec

The Viennese fashion designer Elisa Malec graduated from the Fashion Institute of Vienna and launched her own fashion label once completing her journalism studies in 2011. Her collection was also feminine and with a golden pallet.

Furthermore, there was a fashion production with a short film by young designer Raphael Caric in the cinema hall and a photo installation by photographer Sigrid Mayer, admire makeup artist Christine Akbaba and Art Director Guy Debast.

One of the highlights of the evening was also the birthday of the owner of Runway Vienna Alexis Fernandez, who celebrate between his work team and friends.

Foto Credits: Marcos Aray


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